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Prostar Preferred


It's in our name - Mobile Solutions. There are thousands of wireless products and services on the market today and most businesses are not aware of the ways these products differ or how which ones can save them money and which ones don't.  We spend the necessary time with our customers and help guide them into the best Solution for their situation.

Currently, GPS and Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) products are in huge demand due to the DOT's mandate for ELD's in December 2017. We are the experts in this field, having provided this service for over 15 years.


We provide the most cost-effective Mobile Solution period! If you want expert advice, fast and efficient deployment, and the best support post sale, we are the ones to call.

Call us today at 858-405-3424 and we'll give you a quick assessment as to how we can help you. If we can't, we'll let you know that too!


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