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Partners Prostar Preferred

With over fifteen years of solving complex business challenges in the telecommunications industry along with a dedicated staff of 20+ experienced business-to-business sales professionals, ProStar Mobile knows how to design and implement a solution to fit the needs in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Our sales professionals have a combined 180 years of wireless industry experience. This means that you can count on ProStar Mobile to deliver solutions, whether it be simple voice services or the most sophisticated mobile data systems. 

Standing behind the ProStar team are the resources of the Sprint network and the Sprint team of Solutions Engineers. This means the finest in business alternatives in the industry today.

Whether it’s a new business just starting out or solving current business challenges, when it comes to wireless business solutions, ProStar delivers!

Our Partners:

One of the GPS/ELD partners we use depending on the customer's needs.

Another GPS/ELD partner that may be deployed depending on the customer's needs.

A truly great electronic forms provider that has helped companies save millions of $'s in productivity.

First class national wireless network that support many of our customer's data and voice requirements - and is usually the lowest cost provider!

Replace your costly PBX/antiquated phone system with this service - we'll show you why and how much you can save!

When it comes to cloud online services, companies no longer have to be concerned with security, reliability, or compliance. Let us tell you why.

Mobile Device Management is a must for companies of all size. Airwatch does it best and makes sure the data located on your employee's devices is secure and removable if necessary.

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